K – Mile Air is the 1st Thai cargo airline base at Suvarnabhumi  Airport  Bangkok Thailand. K – Mile’s business focused on the needs of air express, courier, postal companies who require customized, reliable air cargo transportation and providing air cargo charter flight to South East Asia and other routes within the region.

Since its inception in 2004, K – Mile Air started the first commercial flight in 2006 with two B727 – 200F to Singapore, Indonesia and Vietnam.

•  2006 : started commercial flight with 3 B727F ex BKK to SIN/JKT/SGN

•  2013 : retired 3 B727F aircrafts and suspended SIN/JKT/SGN routes.

•  MAR 2014 : FARNAIR Switzerland AG acquired 45% share.

•  DEC 2014 : FARNAIR acquired by ASL Aviation Group. 

•  JUL 2014 : 1st B737-400SF joined fleet and commenced BKK/HAN/UTH/HKG/BKK services 5 flights/week from 03NOV14 for DHL operation.

•  APR 2016 : 2nd B737 – 400SF joins fleet to operate BKK/PNH vv. BKK/SIN vv. 5 flights/week from JUL2016 


ASL Aviation Group ( 45% stake in K – Mile Air ) based in Dublin, Ireland, a leading freight and passenger airline Group. It operates scheduled freight and passenger services in Europe, South Africa, West Africa and Asia  on behalf of major integrators, flag carriers and NGOs.

•  The subsidiaries/affiliates offices include : 

•  K – Mile Air (Thailand)

•  ASL Airlines Ireland (Dublin)

•  ASL Airlines Hungary (Budapest)

•  ASL Airlines Switzerland, (Allschwil)

•  Quikjet India, (Bengaluru)Safair, (Johannesburg)

•  ASL Airlines France, (Paris)

Current Schedule(Local Time)

Business Opportunity

•  One B737-400SF has long aircraft parking hours in HAN,   approximately 30 hours on day 5&6, 7&1 and 8 hours on days 2,3,4. 

•  2nd B737 – 400SF has long aircraft parking hours in PNH, approximately 9 hours on day 2,3,4,5,7

•  Possibility to operate HAN/UTH/HKG vv. on day 5 or 7

    DEP HAN 09:00, ARR HKG 14:10  ( via UTH )

    DEP HKG 15:40, ARR HAN 18:50 ( via UTH )

•  Tailor made charter schedule suited to customer demand within the Asian region ex HAN, PNH & BKK on above days within the said hours.


•  Safety


•  Customer Satisfaction